Visits by appointment

Visit «Discovery and knowledge of llamas»

During the visit we share with you 3 workshops for a visit of the breeding

  • Beginning of the visit with pedagogy on the different anecdotes of the llama

  • A brushing workshop in the privacy of the flock

  • An introductory hiking workshop with llamas on a trail

  • A workshop discovering the wool during which each participant will leave with a wool creation of our llamas

1h30 to 2h of visit punctuated with explanations and workshops in contact with the llamas, supervised by the breeder.

Var Lamas Breeding Centre

For a discovery visit and knowledge of llamas, it is necessary to make a reservation beforehand by sending an email.

Discovery visits and knowledge lasting 1h30 only by appointment.

Private parking, souvenir shop 

Activities proposed from 3 years 

Rates for Visits by appointment

Visit Rate:

  • Participants: Adults/ Children from 3 years: 15 euros

  • Companion: Adults/ Children: 5 euros 

  • Children under 3 years: Free if not participating

Groups Children/ Adults: 

  • 15 people minimum 

  • 12 euros per participant and free for accompanying persons if you are from an organisation

  • 25 or more people (Contact us)

Payments accepted: cash and cheques

Birthday formula: on request 

Open Visit

Discover a herd in its privacy and go in search of the softness and elegance of these little camelids of South America.
Signs line the park to share the different anecdotes of the llama. Historical, ecological aspect, an initiatory journey punctuated with information, the births take place from April to September.

Lamas Breeding Centre

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